The Green House Effect

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We are all conscious of playing our day-to-day part to help the environment but is there more we could be doing? According to UK Government National Statistics, residential properties account for 15% of the UK’s climate emissions, so having an energy efficient home has a huge impact in lowering our carbon footprint.

Recognising this, NatWest are now offering a Green Mortgage Product to reward customers whose homes have a high Energy Performance Rating, with preferential mortgage rates on a two-year or five-year fix.

Both new and existing homeowners will be able to apply for a Green Mortgage with NatWest, provided that their homes are officially registered with an A or B-graded EPC, and the loan to value rate of the property is 60%, 70% or 85%. At the time of launching, Shared Equity and Help to Buy applications are not eligible.

The NatWest Group is the UK’s fourth largest mortgage lender and the group is already working towards making their own operation net carbon zero this year and climate positive by 2025. NatWest’s drive to offer their customers more environmentally conscious products responds to research carried out by Ipsos MORI which finds that 85% of UK citizens are concerned about climate change.

In addition to the Green Mortgage, a recent partnership with CoGo, a FinTech company, enables NatWest customers to track their carbon footprint in real-time through an eight-week pilot scheme. Green Home Grants are also available to qualifying homeowners who wish to make their homes more energy efficient by purchasing green home energy systems.

Other lenders making waves in green financial products include Legal and General, with their recent launch of an Energy Saver Cashback offer on their Lifetime Mortgage products. In July 2020, Barclays expanded their range of Green Mortgages which are available in partnership with qualifying new build properties.

With NatWest keen to secure their status as a leading bank on climate change, we are sure to see more products coming to market with the environment in mind.

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