The Mortgage Capacity Assessment is a detailed investigation into the level of borrowing a person is likely to achieve. Helpful during Court proceedings and Mediation our reports can help to establish a fairer Divorce Settlement by, if necessary, providing both parties with details of their borrowing power. Not only do our reports confirm maximum borrowing but also what your client can actually afford to borrow based on their current or future lifestyle and outgoings. A good way to demonstrate Best Practice and our reports ensure that you and your client are well informed on up-to-date lending criteria.

Based on your clients personal and financial information we can accurately calculate their maximum borrowing, the amount of mortgage they can actually afford and answer many mortgage related questions that might arise during the divorce process. You or your client will need to complete our Fact Find, a copy can be downloaded for completion here (download here). Your clients Form E will contain much of their financial information, therefore, please feel free to forward it to us referring to it in the Fact Find where relevant.'

To ensure that our reports are accurate and the information is dependable we contact a range of mortgage lenders from the whole of market. We firstly confirm that your client fits within their lending criteria and then calculate what each mortgage provider would potentially lend them. The mortgage market is changing constantly and continues to evolve particularly since the changes put in force by lenders in April 2014 due to the Mortgage Market Review. Therefore, it is best to assume that what your client may have been told previously about their ability to obtain a mortgage has changed.

The standard report costs £345.00 for a single report and for a joint instruction the cost is £600.00. The joint instruction will provide 1 report detailing each divorcing parties mortgage capacity information. We can also base our research on any financial situation for an additional £50.00 per scenario. You may need to know your clients borrowing ability now as well as post divorce when their financial circumstances have changed. For example, they may choose to increase or decrease working hours, or perhaps they will be paying maintenance or their debt will have reduced.

Our reports usually take between 5 and 10 working days to complete, however, should you require the report urgently our Express Service can be requested for an extra £75.00.

Our reports are produced by our Mortgage Capacity Expert, Natasha Palmer, who has over 10 years experience within the firm.