The mortgage capacity report is a detailed investigation into what level of mortgage you are likely to be successful in obtaining. It will also compare this level of maximum borrowing with the amount of mortgage you can actually afford to maintain. The assessment is more reliable than a visit to your bank or by using one of the many online mortgage capacity calculators available. 

The mortgage capacity report also gives your financial settlement greater creditability when dealing with your solicitor and/or court staff including the judge presiding over your divorce.

The mortgage capacity report does not recommend a specific lender and product, however, it will provide example illustrations comparing current Fixed interest rates against Variable interest rates, the monthly Repayments and will demonstrate all other likely mortgage costs. You can request a sample mortgage capacity report by contacting us here.

If you require your own as well as your partners mortgage capacity for divorce purposes then we can be instructed on a joint basis. This will provide you with one report detailing both parties mortgage capacity for one fee.

We can also provide details of your mortgage capacity based on any number of financial situations. You may need to know your borrowing ability now as well as post divorce when your financial circumstances have changed. Perhaps, you are considering different financial settlements and you need to know what your capacity to mortgage would be based on each outcome. Maybe you would like to know how your mortgage borrowing will be affected by increasing or decreasing your working hours or paying/receiving maintenance. 

In order to produce your mortgage capacity assessment we will require the completion of our Fact Find. Your Form E will contain much of your financial information needed so please feel free to forward it to us referring to it in the Fact Find where relevant. Our Fact Find accommodates 2 individuals personal and financial information, therefore, if you instruct us on a joint basis you only need to complete 1 form. You can download a copy of our Fact Find for completion and return here  (downloaded here).