What is a Mortgage Capacity Report?

The mortgage capacity report is a detailed investigation into what level of mortgage you are likely to be successful in obtaining. It will also compare this level of maximum borrowing with the amount of mortgage you can afford to maintain.

  • Reliable – The assessment is more reliable than a visit to your bank or by using one of the many online mortgage capacity calculators available.

  • Credible – The mortgage capacity report also gives your financial settlement greater creditability when dealing with your solicitor and/or court staff including the judge presiding over your divorce.

  • Informative – The mortgage capacity report does not recommend a specific lender and product, however, it will provide example illustrations comparing current Fixed interest rates against Variable interest rates, the monthly Repayments and will demonstrate all other likely mortgage costs.

  • Cost-effective – If you require your own as well as your partners mortgage capacity for divorce purposes then we can be instructed on a joint basis. This will provide you with one report detailing both parties mortgage capacity for one fee.

  • Detailed – We can also provide details of your mortgage capacity based on any number of financial situations.

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An assessment for all situations

There are 4 main types of assessment we provide:

  • Standard Mortgage Capacity Assessment

    The foundation for all our reports, showing likely maximum borrowing, affordable borrowing and costs in the form of example mortgage illustrations.

  • MCA with Additional Scenarios

    This is where the report can be expanded by exploring how changes in circumstances may affect mortgage borrowing, whether they are a reality or yet to be agreed upon.

  • Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment

    These are based on our standard assessment, however instead of being used for one party in the divorce, the report can be used for two or more parties within one report.

  • No Mortgage Capacity Assessment

    This is our latest addition and is for individuals whose circumstances dictate that they are not in a position to obtain mortgage lending. These reports come at a discounted rate.

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Options for you

What’s included in our packages?

As experts our duty is to help the court on matters within our expertise and this duty overrides any obligation to the person from whom we have received instructions or by whom we are paid.


Single Mortgage Capacity Assessment £345.00

Details of capacity to mortgage for 1 party, which will include:

  • Details of maximum mortgage borrowing as confirmed by a range of mortgage lenders currently present in the mortgage market.

  • Example mortgage illustrations confirming an estimate of costs related to the maximum mortgage borrowing.

  • Confirmation of whether the maximum borrowing amount is affordable based on disposable income calculated from income and outgoings.

  • The report can be based on any financial circumstance and used to explore how changes in financial circumstances might affect capacity to mortgage.

  • As experts our duty is to the court which overrides any obligation to the person instructing or paying for this report. 

  • All information provided will be based purely on lending criteria and our experience as mortgage advisors.

  • The report will contain details of all information used to complete the assessment, including income, outgoings and any other important information specific to the investigation. 

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Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment £600.00

If you or your client have been ordered to instruct a single joint expert (SJE) as part of financial proceedings.

Important notes:

All of our reports comply with the requirements set out in the Family Procedure Rules – Part 25 Experts and Assessors’ and ‘for joint assessments our timescale is 10-15 working days.

  • In addition to the information included in a Single Mortgage Capacity Assessment, the joint report can be used for 2 more parties, an example of this might include - the Applicant v Respondent plus the Respondents new partner.

  • This report saves £90.00 when compared to the instruction of 2 separate single assessments.

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No Mortgage Capacity Assessment £175.00

For individuals whose circumstances undoubtably mean they are in no position to secure mortgage lending, for example, newly self-employed with no accounts, unemployment, high indebtedness.

The report will include:

  • A quicker turnaround time – typically 3 working days.

  • Confirmation the individual has £0.00 capacity to mortgage.

  • Details of lending criteria confirming why the individual has no ability to obtain mortgage lending.

Please note that additional scenarios can not be added to a No mortgage Capacity Assessment

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Additional Scenarios £50.00 each

To explore how details of capacity to mortgage will be affected based on alternative financial circumstances, additional scenarios can be added to our Single or Joint Mortgage Capacity Assessment.

Additional Scenarios can be used to explore any change in financial circumstance, this may include but is not restricted to:

For any reports requiring 4 additional scenarios or more our fees may vary to take into consideration the additional work involved in such a detailed report. Please contact us here to request a quotation.

  • Various deposit amounts.

  • Increase or decrease in income.

  • Increase or decrease in debt.

  • Retaining property.

  • Various maintenance amounts.

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How to order

  1. Select which report is right for you (Single, Joint, No Mortgage or Call and Ask).
  2. Download and complete the fact find by clicking here and filling in your details to receive the other forms via email.
  3. Send the information back to us (return instructions enclosed in the email we will send).
  4. Pay online with your credit card by selecting 'buy this report' or contact us to pay another way (bank transfer or cheque).
  5. Receive your report within 5-10 working days, or sooner if express delivery has been requested.

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